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Hello everyone!

Here is the news for the month of June.
We are organizing the gathering for December 2014.

The rehearsals for the men and women’s choir will start next week.We’re still missing a few male voices, but up until the month of September, they could still arrive. We ask you to pray for all the brothers and sisters who are investing themselves until December, the two Choir conductors Luz and Esteban and those who are coming from Barcelona.

We were at the Spanish college with the children, who will form the third choir. We will have a reunion with the parents and the Director to present the Choir conductor to them. We ask you to pray for these little children, aged 6-12, who will experience this for the first time.

As for the soloists, all the spots are filled. For the first time we will have a Georgian singer. A big thank you to Regis, who now manages the demi-soloists.

This year, we will have many musicians from Latin America with our Spanish, German, and French brothers and sisters….. We may also have our first English musician. It is priceless for us to be able to see a real investment and to be so happy to come and share with their brothers and sisters. We ask you to pray for them and that they will be warmly welcomed.

To finish, concerning the locations: The Montansier theatre of Versailles has opened its doors to us. We are already in negotiation with the conservatory to see if we can take all the percussion and timpani instruments.

We are waiting on the response of a Parisian church which had proposed to receive the musical work in concert form. The church has good acoustics and can hold us all. Next, we will be occupied with who we would like to invite.

During the month of September, we will have a reunion at the central house in Poissy. We have to solidify the number of musicians, the instruments, and the program.

For those who would like to support us, you can write to us directly because we are going to have the costs this time. We limited the maximum but one can’t erase it all.

Bless you all



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Hello everyone

Sorry to send you the newsletter from march. We had been having problems with our internet side.

First of all the internet site is running normally again after having encountered many problems and a lot of spam. A big thank you to Jean-philippe for having secured the forms.

We have also finished with the blog. It’s more clear with more precise sections.

To tell you about the musical piece that we’re preparing for December 2014, it’s a marvelous adventure. The Lord makes us walk by Faith. We’re going to honestly live something just as intense as the first year.

2 theatres have opened their doors to us for the period we asked for and 2 others are on the list for next year; this is fantastic. For the month of June, we will have the definitive agreement, and so we ask for prayer because the location is very important. We will be in working condition, We will also play to the central house in Poissy in small groups.

We are in the middle of forming the 3 choirs. We want to meet each chorister. Some come from Barcelona. A big thank you to Eric who helped a lot during this time.

The soloists are already arriving from Madrid, from Guadalajara, from Germany. We also ask you to pray for them, because this is an investment and we all know why we’re doing this.

The musicians are arriving little by little. They come from very far away. We will finish with the welcome families.

We have an ensemble of young Mexican guitarists who will be coming to Paris for the first time. We just finished their organization. They will play at the Bretonneau Hospital and at the Foundation de la casa de Mexico. They also will play in a local church.

This is hard work, with various obstacles, like you know. Don’t forget that the Christian Symphony is totally committed and that we’re doing all this for free. Our goal is above all to give a little of our time, to be able to be ourselves, to share that which God has given us.

Bless you all



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Hello everyone !

We hope you enjoyed the holidays season and wish you all the best for 2014. Please find below our newsletter of December .

First we must inform you that the contact forms of the Christian Symphony are currently blocked so you can not reach us this way. To get in touch with us, you can therefore use either :">

We had a large inflow of spams so that Jean-Philippe is installing a security system which is still being installed, so we’ll have to wait a little bit until it’s fully resolved.

We also took the opportunity to clean the site. It has fewer pages, is more readable ! ! ! and also repaired a few broken links;
The blog also has also been reviewed:
You will find many messages of exhortation, links to meditate with music, links to blogs and we also added there part of our repertoire.

Regarding the musical work ‘El Rey Nacio/ The King was born ' that we're preparing for december 2014 , a meeting with the composer (Jose ) took place this month , as expected . All materials and 2 dvd ’s of the work have been offered to us.
We discussed the different places where we could organize the event and what king of impact this could have.
It is above all a message of hope that we want to share through this event, and not only give a musical performance. We are thinking about three places, one conventional but with the aim of reaching a larger and different than what is usually expected , and two other places that are still in our prayers now because it is not easy to obtain the access. What is certain is that we will go to those who usually don't hear or see us.

We need your prayers to carry us throughout the implementation of this gathering.
We have already begun to lay the groundwork . We will certainly seek help as we progress during the project, in particular to host participants, as many will come from abroad and we'll need a substantial network of welcoming families. We will communicate with all parties once the maintenance work of the website is completed.

In the meantime, best wishes of love for you and your family , your friends, brothers and sisters, not forgetting those who are isolated around you and your neighbors.

May the Lord bless you,



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Hi everybody,

For the beginning of september we have some news for you.

The two pianists (Rachel and Gilles) will be in Vienna (Austria) this November for the „festival de piano“. Thank you for your prayer in this matter.
This will give us the occasion to meet the christian japanese organizers who follow us since a few months. Thanks to these organizers we do now have japanese musicians.

Concerning the Opera, which we will build and whom I have already told you, we advance. As it is a lot of work, we would like to know the impact it had in the original country before an audience non christian and christian people who are not used to hear this music. I will meet the composer « Luis » this November.

A month in Ecuador is scheduled in the end of this year to help our musician brothers and sisters. A work with the orchestra, the choir and spending time with the conductor „José David“. We hope to have good moments of exhortation, prayers, and to spend time with our preachers. A good work which will give us strength. Please pray for this.

We will upload some translations in spanish and english of writings from Alfred Kuen concerning the music (as we have the same point of view) for the musicians and singers from foreign countries. A lot of people read them as well as the worshipers and the directors of seminars.

Concerning the fest ‘Protestants en Fête’ in the end of September, we won’t participate but the french musicians are free to participate.

Let us continue to sanctify us and to follow the Lord.

Be blessed



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Good Morning!

Recent changes:
The management team has encountered some changes, as there are always some changes as the years pass by. We have had some new members and I greatly appreciate all of the efforts and support that we have received from you all. It is wonderful that many have been with us since the beginning. There are three new translators as part of the team that are helping with our various social networks (blogs, websites, facebook). There are also two new members in the area of music.

We are pleased to welcome Paul, a new composer; who arrived a few days ago. We are glad to have him as part of the orchestra as we have always had German composers.
We will be playing one of his musical pieces "The bird of Jesus Christ" with the orchestra, choir, and organ in a classical romantic style. We would also like to thank Stephan for his orchestral compositions. We are very blessed to have our composers and the musical works that come to us.

I had mentioned to you all about the international piano festival, taking place in Viena on November. Two French pianists will be participating. I ask that you all keep them in your prayers as the results will be given in July. Jose Luis has sent me the music sheet for Christian Opera "The King was born". We will be recreating this piece in Paris. We want to perform this piece as best as possible which is why we have been taking our time organizing the event. We would like to represent and capture each individual nationality, especially the orchestra and solo singers. We will be taking soloists from different European countries.

In August, we will be going a couple of days to Madrid and Barcelona to meet up with Eliel and to meet the Spanish musicians from his orquestra and Baptist choir.
There is a proposition from the director of the Ecuadorian orquestra to work with them for a month during this year. In the future we may possibly continue to work with them; we will leave it in God's hand.

To keep in touch we created a Facebook page for our Latin speakers. We post a lot of messages concerning the relationship between music, the bible, and church. We are thankful to Alfred Kuen for his works in which we have managed to translate into many other languages.
I will inform all of you more concerning our facebook page and if you would like to follow us in the next notification letter.
You are free to leave messages and comments on our facebook page as this page was created for all of you.

I prayed that we each continue to be fortified in God's good graces, and to continue in his righteous ways and not be diverted by the temptations that surround us each day. Let us use music as a source to glorify and praise Him.

God bless you



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Dear all,

Below, you can read the news from November 2012.

I would like to give you an overview of what the Christian Symphony produced to this day and what the future holds.

We started with an orchestra that brought different countries together, especially from Europe, but we quickly received tons of applications from Latin America. Unfortunately, these people are not able to come to Paris, due to high travel costs for example.

For this reason, twelve orchestras sharing the same basis as the Christian Symphony have been created to this day. (I thought the number would be smaller, but after having counted them, our group consists of twelve orchestras!):
Two in Argentina
One in Venezuela (and a starting orchestra from this year on)
Four in Colombia
Two in Mexico (and one orchestra will be founded in the capital within one year)
One in Bolivia (and one starting orchestra at the moment)
One in Peru
One in Chile

I am supervisor of the choir that is situated in Madrid. Several musicians who know us, are going to join it, because the choir really needs to grow. In the near future, we would like to add a web page for all Christian orchestras, with a specific French name: 'L’Orchestre des Nations'. We classify these orchestras per country with their leader and team. Pray to make it happen.

The Christian Symphony is becoming the French starting point for an international competition that is exceptional for its participants. A committee from Tokyo organises this event that will take place in Vienna next year. This extraordinary chance offers the possibility to establish an association for this competition in Paris for example.

As far as the composers are concerned, the list ends with a new Australian composer. At the moment, we offer a rich repertoire with different composers. A dedicated web page will be created for the composers as well.

We are still working in France and we regret that we are not able to give you some more information on this matter. We would also like to ask you to pray for the project execution, because we hope to become a grand national orchestra with orchestras in every large city in France. Paris will be the starting point of this operation.

The Christian Symphony will mainly become a French orchestra with some foreign musicians who will always be welcomed, if they wish. We would like to intervene several times a year that was not possible previously. The soloists singers will be always from different nationalities.

God bless you



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Dear all,

Here is the newsletter for the month of June.

We haven't sent out a newsletter for a while for one specific reason. The proposals that we have received have been so diverse and given their complexity we will be spreading them out through 2013.

At the moment we are putting together a pilot team for an assembly in Paris which will take place in the spring. The organisation is quite difficult and this is why we have to do everything very early with the knowledge that the summer vacations last two months, which will make it very difficult to work with everybody.

We will also go off the beaten track with another project, namely the production of a ballet on the theme of the seven days of creation. We will wait to talk to you about this since our friend Joel is finishing the writing.

The production of a musical in French gospel in Paris will also be a first. The organisation does not concern us, only the musical part. There is an enormous amount of writing to do for the orchestral score. The music is really good and the texts well thought out. The gospel choir, the soloists and the brass have already done a first version on some of the music. It is up to us now to bring the orchestral touch to the original version and the stage direction.

Therefore these are big projects but all of good quality and with different composers.

With regards to the website, we have two new sermons in audio format: "We are the light of the world" with the pastor Rogelio West (Spanish/English)

You can listen to them here:

We have also updated the blog: "reflections" and "meditations"

You can read them here:

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and we will meet again in the month of September if there is no other news in the meantime.

God bless you



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On behalf of the Symphonique Chrétienne, we wish you a Happy Holiday season for 2012.

Here’s a report of what happened at “El Libro del gran murmullo,” the show we put on in Mexico. It was a wonderful adventure began with a memorable incident at CDG Airport in Paris, notably, a very late flight that made us miss our corresponding flight in Houston (that reminds me of something!) Fortunately, we left a day in advance, and all of this was quickly forgotten by the warm welcome given to our soloists by the christian families taking care of them in Mexico.

The rehearsals were very enjoyable and relaxed, and they were held at the music department of the university. The singers were also there, which was quite practical and we also had a good relationship with the choreographer and the dancers. The most outstanding member was the director who dealt with all of the last minute issues that arose. We are planning to remake the show again in the near future.

Now, to get into the heart of the matter, the gags started. A dress rehearsal that was rather atypical and very original…the dancers take their places on the stage, the orchestra and the soloists and the choir performed all of the pieces, along with the director who was adjusting the lights…in short, the stage was divided in three.

But, the first went very well, even with another surprising incident. A light went off suddenly because of a faulty operation of a technician while I was conducting the orchestra. We continued to play in the dark until the light came back on and we finished by improvising a little bit. Playing live always brings the unexpected…

The show was very well licked and that is the most important. We invited the young orphans, and it gave us great pleasure to have so many of them attend the show.

Here are most of the photos from the show:

God bless you



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Good day to everyone !

Here are the news for the month of July.

A month filled with interesting repercussions. Initially, we will shared our relative excitement to the continuation of our Christian Symphony ina foreign country. Several of young orchestra players have established and that is wonderful. Chile, Argentina, Mexico. Others moved to Bolivia and Venezuela. We hope that Colombia and Puerto Rico will be the next, now we are in contact with the musicians to help them in this interchanging duty. Now we observe more seriously the side of Spain. A new composer join us and she is American. Isabel wrote a very beautiful music for the orchestra and choir, that we just received. A violinist from Puerto Rico (Joanna) who wrote a particular music, she will adjoin with us during 2 years to finish. An Christian opera of the Mexican composer (Jose) whom we have already played one his pieces.
The Symphonic Christian is starting to have a great repertory and for now we will function differently. It is necessary to gain more French musicians to be able to produce the pieces for Christmas (2 great pieces have been written), for Easter (one symphony written by our sister brazilian (Sandy), and one piece that will be received in 2012 written by our brother (Joël). We change then the organization.

We need more intercessors. We will get in contact with you again to join another group from the island of France in which we will do in 2012.

Thank you for the new musicians who have arrived this year from Spain, Switzerland and France (1).

May God bless you all


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