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Hello to all !

In the name of the Christian Symphony, we wish you a happy Easter, with your brothers and sisters, friends and families.

Let us request for our brothers of the Ivory Coast which are persecuted and require help.
We are concerned with the situation there. We must not be afraid of supporting them in this moment, we are Christians before all.

Also let us benefit from this week of Easter to speak more about God to those around us. People need God, it is enough to look at them or to hear them speak.

We thank Pastor Roger West for Mexico which sent to us a preaching in English and Spanish on the subject: "The guarantee of God’s presence" You can listen to directly by these two links:

John 1 : 29 "On the morrow he seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold, the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sin of the world!"

Hebrews 7 : 27 "who needeth not daily, like those high priests, to offer up sacrifices, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people: for this he did once for all, when he offered up himself"

God bless you



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Hello to all !

Here are the latest news for this month of February.

We have a proposition for a concert in July in southern France. This encounter is a good idea to keep us moving share this moment with our sisters and brothers from southern France. It is a way of not remaining constantly in Paris and gives us the opportunity to better present the Christian Symphony. Some of the musicians will be very happy because they always have to come up to Paris.

In other topics, Mexico, we have been an permanent contact with the enemy with the master of theater. Although tensions have built up between the two countries, this has not affected our good relationship between our sisters and brothers. We ask for you to pray because we have to ask the obtaining the orchestra to the cultural director of the city. this is the most delicate because it is the cultural sector.

In references to the ergonomics of the Web site. You will find news texts about the Blog. One of Elisabeth’s topics is very interesting and overall current news: 'One can be a christian and hypocrite'. You cannot ignore this since it occurs to people, or maybe oven yourself under certain circumstances.

A message from Nicholas: 'Accept Christ', a very strong message that reflects the relationship we can have with Christ. I read it several times because it is rarely preeched at church. Does that disturb ? , I answer, NO. On the contrary, it opens our eyes.

We need be stronger, to exhort the sisters and brothers, to maintain faith until the end, despite the rocks in our path.

We will inform you progressively about the two concerts.

God bless you



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Hello to all !

In the name of the Christian Symphony team's, we wish you a wonderful ending year.

A New Year 2011 with more hopeness and happiness for all.
And over all, the love of its next.

The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you;
The LORD turn his face towards you and give you peace.

Numbers : 6.24



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Hello to all !

We were very taken by the enormous undertaking of the organization, which is finally finished. We have sought it as an intermediary between local partners and artists.
I will not hide from you the fact that the growing violence in Monterrey complicates things. This is taken into consideration as we maintain our show over there, though we are obligated to defer for a year for the French nationals. We have been told to avoid travel to this city at the present time. We have already informed the on-site team, who was very understanding, and continues its work there, but less rapidly.

The team on the spot is excellent. Photographs can be found on the website "galerie" which we will continue to add to. The direct link is:

The director, Josué has been invaluable and has far exceeded my requests. He an unparalleled right-hand-man, and the perfect person for the position. I am happy to inform you that I forwarded him a letter of introduction that helped him obtain a well-deserved position in Mexico City.

The head of the chorus, Professor Rivera is able to understand French and allow the songs to be performed in their original language. This gives him more time to improve the fluidity and understanding of the text. We have put up some photos of the chorus, there are 40 members in total. Professor Rivera's assistant, Marcela, is highly impressive in her work, and is a true pleasure to have with us.

The choreographer, Claudia, has a troupe of highly motivated dancers. We had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with the entire group during September. There are 8 of them in total, and they are young and very ambitious.

The orchestra is a bit different, as it is considered the national orchestra of this city. The orchestra consists of around 120 people all together, but 50 is sufficient for the show. We have put up pictures of them as well.

For the churches that are directly involved, it is best to start with the Baptist Church. I have known Pastor Rolando for a few years, and could easily gather 100 observers from among his church. What touched me most on his part was to have been able to be present and speak during worship. The director could make use of this information and set up his own work with Pastor Rolando.

The Adventist church has gave us lodging for the French nationals.

Last, but certainly not least, out designer Joel, who is in charge of our presentations and layouts. Here is a photograph of he and his lovely wife.

We have put up some photos of some French soloists, and will be adding more later,

This has been a first report of our fieldwork. We will continue to keep you informed of the progress of the show.

Be blessed



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Hello everybody!

After coming back from Easter, we continue our preparations for the performance of "The Murmer of the Great Book" abroad.

This April, everything should be completed, an additional travel for the final putting in place with the local participants and the core management team. What an adventure!

The soloists and musicians who leave from Paris are ready to go. We will give you more details on the dates and locations.

We have posted some pictures of the show on the website in the section "galery". You can find them directly here:

Four musical excerpts without the sung parts have been put on webpage «music»:

An excerpt from the DVD for the promotion of the show is being prepared, we will post it on the website once ready.

We continue our cooperation with a vocal quintet 'Evodie' for one of the next concerts in Paris also with a creation of the second symphony of our sister S Simmons.

Regarding the structure of the website:

Elisabeth shares with you her testimonial, really interesting. You will find it on the blog:

Several comments have been added.

Pastor Michel has written for us a new reflection "The awareness updated":

Many thanks to everybody helping us to enrich the website.



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Hi everybody!

We wish you a Happy New Year 2010!

Here is a summary of the three performances of the Show of Sound and Light "The murmur of the Great Book" which took place at the Cathedral of Meaux. Like all large shows with numerous participants, we have gone through ups and downs. But all of them are quickly forgotten once we know that this show has conquered the hearts of the spectators (more than 2000 people attended). Until then, I haven't seen such an atmosphere between the musicians, the soloists, the two chiefs of choir and the choristers, whereby the later have especially surprised me by their initiative (to sing certain pieces of music in which nothing had been foreseen for them). It was incredible!

It is true that the cold was a problem for everybody, but good mood and the wish to do this show motivated all of us to hold till the end. A huge compliment goes to the Association "Happiness and Share", the organiser of this event, for having managed to overcome this challenge.

We have such a number of anecdotes that we could write an entertaining book on all the imponderabilities encountered by some of us.

Many thanks also to all the churches who included this event in their prayer, we really needed it, since only two weeks before the first joint rehearsals we were asking ourselves whether the show should be postponed or cancelled.

These are the moments of self-awareness which make us take good decisions. I can assure you that in these moments Belief is really needed since by hindsight, we understand that it needed to be done.

A huge compliment goes to all the participants (more than 200), which mobilised themselves for this event representing almost all arts of music.

A video excerpt of the show will be posted on the website in a presentation form and also photos will be posted under our category "Galerie".

To come back to the website of the Symphonics, the blog is being more and more enriched by the "Reflections" of Pastor Michel:

And don't forget Elisabeth's latest text "Biblical reflections":

Have a nice readingand May the Lord bless you!



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Hello to all,

Here are the news for the month of November.

The preparations for the spectacle of sounds and lights at the Cathedral of Meaux are ongoing. The chorus-singers have already been working since more than one month, the soloists as well. The stage, decorations and costumes are going to be finished soon. We attach a flyer in colour which you will be able to download and distribute to your families and friends.

It is very easy to go to Meaux from Paris. If you do not have a car, you can take a direct train from the East Station (Gare de l'Est); the trip takes a maximum of 30 minutes.

Concerning the layout of the Web site:
Various reflections have been put on the blog. Particularly interesting are the "Sayings of the Desert Fathers", the direct link hereto is:
Many thanks to Pastor Michel.

Furthermore, there is a sermon on forgiveness by Pastor Rogelio West from Guadalajara in Spanish, of the kind one can very rarely hear. The biblical passage which the Pastor is referring to is Matthew 6: 9-15. Here is the direct link:
We will translate it into English and put it on the blog.

Many thanks to Sandy Simmons for the new symphony which has just arrived: "The Easter Symphony". We will very soon have the occasion to interpret it. In response to those of you who asked us the question about the property rights: composers are free to publish their music or not and they know to whom they entrust it.

May the Lord bless you!



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Hello to all !

Here are the news for September.

A great musical comedy "Murmur of the Great Book" prepares the 18 and December 20, 2009 to the Cathedral of Meaux with the participation of soloists, singers, dancers, actors and musicians.

Here is the summary:
The Show of Sound and Light: "Murmur of the Great Book" is to live Christmas as a key period of solidarity, generosity and communication.
This action is a show with several ranges:
History: It continues to make live the inheritance of a city. For the first time, in the Cathedral of Meaux, Christmas will be made alive.

Social: It ensures the bonds keeping between all the inhabitants of Meaux and of the surrounding cities in the same place, at the same time, around the same event.

Spiritual: Christmas, it is the triumph of life on death. A festival which falls under the prospect for a result of these conflicts which go back to the genesis of humanity.

Preventive: Because it contributes to better informing, as regards religion, to eradicate the reflexes of fear and to preserve social cohesion.

We will have soon the color flyer containing all the details.



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Here are the news and report about both concerts held this month of July 2009, in Paris.

First, I am grateful to all the participants and soloists who came … Secondly, to all those that gravitate about us by way of the praying networks and the moral support given to the ministry. Host families were once again present this year - a big “Thank you!” to those that joined us for their first time.

A friendly thought goes to Bro. Gill, pastor of the Church, for having opened the doors of his church to the rehearsals both of orchestra and of soloists, and as well as to the pastor Bro. Thierry for the same reason. We thank them also for making again this invitation.

I thank the soloists, particularly Sylviane, Adrie, Jocelyn, and Valentine for having played during the service of Sunday 12th, 2009 in the Church where we had a moment of fellowship with some members and the pastor as we gather for a well deserved lunch.

We ask you to pray for two members of the Symphony Chrétienne particularly for Leva, who fell down and is motionless up to now; we all wish her a soon recovery. (The Lord allowed us to meet a very talented young musician Valentine, who came to replace her… and what a joy to hear that her baptism will take place sometime in the months ahead!) The other one is Daniela; she went through a very difficult and painful situation, but she was among us… what a great courage of hers!

The concert in the Garden of Luxembourg was very much appreciated by the public, but we strongly regret not to have been able to go much further in our commitment. Because the laicism we were forbidden to pass around our leaflets: before, during and after it. We expect to contribute in the coming months with a written reflection by one or our sisters on the just and precise meaning of laicism, its hidden prohibitions and false orientations - document that you will be authorized to diffuse largely around you.

The second concert, held at MAS (Maison des Associations de Solidarité), was as much appreciated by the public as the first one. However, the organization suffered unexpected hindrances before it (no car for transporting the piano to the saloon, – the piano was transported in a hurry thanks to a neighbor’s aide and to that of two musicians, the installation of microphones at the last minute, etc.)

Nevertheless, the Lord teaches us to surmount and harmonize with these tests without affecting the quality of the music, which was remarkable.

I warmly thank Sylviane for having known how to face this situation. We continue collaborating for this does not affect at all our fraternal links and desire of worshiping the Lord together through the music. We have other projects with the group Evodie and count on meeting again in the days to come. The contact with Jocelyn is also constant and a reunion is already considered in Mexico in the month of November.

Photos of the two concerts are on the website, you can see them directly by clicking on the following link:

As soon as we have the recording, we will put it online on the page "music", intended for this purpose.

We wish you nice summer vacations, and may the Lord bless you!


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