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Hello everyone !

We hope you enjoyed the holidays season and wish you all the best for 2014. Please find below our newsletter of December .

First we must inform you that the contact forms of the Christian Symphony are currently blocked so you can not reach us this way. To get in touch with us, you can therefore use either :">

We had a large inflow of spams so that Jean-Philippe is installing a security system which is still being installed, so we’ll have to wait a little bit until it’s fully resolved.

We also took the opportunity to clean the site. It has fewer pages, is more readable ! ! ! and also repaired a few broken links;
The blog also has also been reviewed:
You will find many messages of exhortation, links to meditate with music, links to blogs and we also added there part of our repertoire.

Regarding the musical work ‘El Rey Nacio/ The King was born ' that we're preparing for december 2014 , a meeting with the composer (Jose ) took place this month , as expected . All materials and 2 dvd ’s of the work have been offered to us.
We discussed the different places where we could organize the event and what king of impact this could have.
It is above all a message of hope that we want to share through this event, and not only give a musical performance. We are thinking about three places, one conventional but with the aim of reaching a larger and different than what is usually expected , and two other places that are still in our prayers now because it is not easy to obtain the access. What is certain is that we will go to those who usually don't hear or see us.

We need your prayers to carry us throughout the implementation of this gathering.
We have already begun to lay the groundwork . We will certainly seek help as we progress during the project, in particular to host participants, as many will come from abroad and we'll need a substantial network of welcoming families. We will communicate with all parties once the maintenance work of the website is completed.

In the meantime, best wishes of love for you and your family , your friends, brothers and sisters, not forgetting those who are isolated around you and your neighbors.

May the Lord bless you,


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