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Dear all,

Here is the newsletter for the month of June.

We haven't sent out a newsletter for a while for one specific reason. The proposals that we have received have been so diverse and given their complexity we will be spreading them out through 2013.

At the moment we are putting together a pilot team for an assembly in Paris which will take place in the spring. The organisation is quite difficult and this is why we have to do everything very early with the knowledge that the summer vacations last two months, which will make it very difficult to work with everybody.

We will also go off the beaten track with another project, namely the production of a ballet on the theme of the seven days of creation. We will wait to talk to you about this since our friend Joel is finishing the writing.

The production of a musical in French gospel in Paris will also be a first. The organisation does not concern us, only the musical part. There is an enormous amount of writing to do for the orchestral score. The music is really good and the texts well thought out. The gospel choir, the soloists and the brass have already done a first version on some of the music. It is up to us now to bring the orchestral touch to the original version and the stage direction.

Therefore these are big projects but all of good quality and with different composers.

With regards to the website, we have two new sermons in audio format: "We are the light of the world" with the pastor Rogelio West (Spanish/English)

You can listen to them here:

We have also updated the blog: "reflections" and "meditations"

You can read them here:

We hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and we will meet again in the month of September if there is no other news in the meantime.

God bless you


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