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Dear all,

Below, you can read the news from November 2012.

I would like to give you an overview of what the Christian Symphony produced to this day and what the future holds.

We started with an orchestra that brought different countries together, especially from Europe, but we quickly received tons of applications from Latin America. Unfortunately, these people are not able to come to Paris, due to high travel costs for example.

For this reason, twelve orchestras sharing the same basis as the Christian Symphony have been created to this day. (I thought the number would be smaller, but after having counted them, our group consists of twelve orchestras!):
Two in Argentina
One in Venezuela (and a starting orchestra from this year on)
Four in Colombia
Two in Mexico (and one orchestra will be founded in the capital within one year)
One in Bolivia (and one starting orchestra at the moment)
One in Peru
One in Chile

I am supervisor of the choir that is situated in Madrid. Several musicians who know us, are going to join it, because the choir really needs to grow. In the near future, we would like to add a web page for all Christian orchestras, with a specific French name: 'L’Orchestre des Nations'. We classify these orchestras per country with their leader and team. Pray to make it happen.

The Christian Symphony is becoming the French starting point for an international competition that is exceptional for its participants. A committee from Tokyo organises this event that will take place in Vienna next year. This extraordinary chance offers the possibility to establish an association for this competition in Paris for example.

As far as the composers are concerned, the list ends with a new Australian composer. At the moment, we offer a rich repertoire with different composers. A dedicated web page will be created for the composers as well.

We are still working in France and we regret that we are not able to give you some more information on this matter. We would also like to ask you to pray for the project execution, because we hope to become a grand national orchestra with orchestras in every large city in France. Paris will be the starting point of this operation.

The Christian Symphony will mainly become a French orchestra with some foreign musicians who will always be welcomed, if they wish. We would like to intervene several times a year that was not possible previously. The soloists singers will be always from different nationalities.

God bless you


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