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Good Morning!

Recent changes:
The management team has encountered some changes, as there are always some changes as the years pass by. We have had some new members and I greatly appreciate all of the efforts and support that we have received from you all. It is wonderful that many have been with us since the beginning. There are three new translators as part of the team that are helping with our various social networks (blogs, websites, facebook). There are also two new members in the area of music.

We are pleased to welcome Paul, a new composer; who arrived a few days ago. We are glad to have him as part of the orchestra as we have always had German composers.
We will be playing one of his musical pieces "The bird of Jesus Christ" with the orchestra, choir, and organ in a classical romantic style. We would also like to thank Stephan for his orchestral compositions. We are very blessed to have our composers and the musical works that come to us.

I had mentioned to you all about the international piano festival, taking place in Viena on November. Two French pianists will be participating. I ask that you all keep them in your prayers as the results will be given in July. Jose Luis has sent me the music sheet for Christian Opera "The King was born". We will be recreating this piece in Paris. We want to perform this piece as best as possible which is why we have been taking our time organizing the event. We would like to represent and capture each individual nationality, especially the orchestra and solo singers. We will be taking soloists from different European countries.

In August, we will be going a couple of days to Madrid and Barcelona to meet up with Eliel and to meet the Spanish musicians from his orquestra and Baptist choir.
There is a proposition from the director of the Ecuadorian orquestra to work with them for a month during this year. In the future we may possibly continue to work with them; we will leave it in God's hand.

To keep in touch we created a Facebook page for our Latin speakers. We post a lot of messages concerning the relationship between music, the bible, and church. We are thankful to Alfred Kuen for his works in which we have managed to translate into many other languages.
I will inform all of you more concerning our facebook page and if you would like to follow us in the next notification letter.
You are free to leave messages and comments on our facebook page as this page was created for all of you.

I prayed that we each continue to be fortified in God's good graces, and to continue in his righteous ways and not be diverted by the temptations that surround us each day. Let us use music as a source to glorify and praise Him.

God bless you


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