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Hello everyone

Sorry to send you the newsletter from march. We had been having problems with our internet side.

First of all the internet site is running normally again after having encountered many problems and a lot of spam. A big thank you to Jean-philippe for having secured the forms.

We have also finished with the blog. It’s more clear with more precise sections.

To tell you about the musical piece that we’re preparing for December 2014, it’s a marvelous adventure. The Lord makes us walk by Faith. We’re going to honestly live something just as intense as the first year.

2 theatres have opened their doors to us for the period we asked for and 2 others are on the list for next year; this is fantastic. For the month of June, we will have the definitive agreement, and so we ask for prayer because the location is very important. We will be in working condition, We will also play to the central house in Poissy in small groups.

We are in the middle of forming the 3 choirs. We want to meet each chorister. Some come from Barcelona. A big thank you to Eric who helped a lot during this time.

The soloists are already arriving from Madrid, from Guadalajara, from Germany. We also ask you to pray for them, because this is an investment and we all know why we’re doing this.

The musicians are arriving little by little. They come from very far away. We will finish with the welcome families.

We have an ensemble of young Mexican guitarists who will be coming to Paris for the first time. We just finished their organization. They will play at the Bretonneau Hospital and at the Foundation de la casa de Mexico. They also will play in a local church.

This is hard work, with various obstacles, like you know. Don’t forget that the Christian Symphony is totally committed and that we’re doing all this for free. Our goal is above all to give a little of our time, to be able to be ourselves, to share that which God has given us.

Bless you all


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