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Hello everyone!

Here is the news for the month of June.
We are organizing the gathering for December 2014.

The rehearsals for the men and women’s choir will start next week.We’re still missing a few male voices, but up until the month of September, they could still arrive. We ask you to pray for all the brothers and sisters who are investing themselves until December, the two Choir conductors Luz and Esteban and those who are coming from Barcelona.

We were at the Spanish college with the children, who will form the third choir. We will have a reunion with the parents and the Director to present the Choir conductor to them. We ask you to pray for these little children, aged 6-12, who will experience this for the first time.

As for the soloists, all the spots are filled. For the first time we will have a Georgian singer. A big thank you to Regis, who now manages the demi-soloists.

This year, we will have many musicians from Latin America with our Spanish, German, and French brothers and sisters….. We may also have our first English musician. It is priceless for us to be able to see a real investment and to be so happy to come and share with their brothers and sisters. We ask you to pray for them and that they will be warmly welcomed.

To finish, concerning the locations: The Montansier theatre of Versailles has opened its doors to us. We are already in negotiation with the conservatory to see if we can take all the percussion and timpani instruments.

We are waiting on the response of a Parisian church which had proposed to receive the musical work in concert form. The church has good acoustics and can hold us all. Next, we will be occupied with who we would like to invite.

During the month of September, we will have a reunion at the central house in Poissy. We have to solidify the number of musicians, the instruments, and the program.

For those who would like to support us, you can write to us directly because we are going to have the costs this time. We limited the maximum but one can’t erase it all.

Bless you all


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