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Good day to everyone !

Here are the news for the month of July.

A month filled with interesting repercussions. Initially, we will shared our relative excitement to the continuation of our Christian Symphony ina foreign country. Several of young orchestra players have established and that is wonderful. Chile, Argentina, Mexico. Others moved to Bolivia and Venezuela. We hope that Colombia and Puerto Rico will be the next, now we are in contact with the musicians to help them in this interchanging duty. Now we observe more seriously the side of Spain. A new composer join us and she is American. Isabel wrote a very beautiful music for the orchestra and choir, that we just received. A violinist from Puerto Rico (Joanna) who wrote a particular music, she will adjoin with us during 2 years to finish. An Christian opera of the Mexican composer (Jose) whom we have already played one his pieces.
The Symphonic Christian is starting to have a great repertory and for now we will function differently. It is necessary to gain more French musicians to be able to produce the pieces for Christmas (2 great pieces have been written), for Easter (one symphony written by our sister brazilian (Sandy), and one piece that will be received in 2012 written by our brother (Joël). We change then the organization.

We need more intercessors. We will get in contact with you again to join another group from the island of France in which we will do in 2012.

Thank you for the new musicians who have arrived this year from Spain, Switzerland and France (1).

May God bless you all


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