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On behalf of the Symphonique Chrétienne, we wish you a Happy Holiday season for 2012.

Here’s a report of what happened at “El Libro del gran murmullo,” the show we put on in Mexico. It was a wonderful adventure began with a memorable incident at CDG Airport in Paris, notably, a very late flight that made us miss our corresponding flight in Houston (that reminds me of something!) Fortunately, we left a day in advance, and all of this was quickly forgotten by the warm welcome given to our soloists by the christian families taking care of them in Mexico.

The rehearsals were very enjoyable and relaxed, and they were held at the music department of the university. The singers were also there, which was quite practical and we also had a good relationship with the choreographer and the dancers. The most outstanding member was the director who dealt with all of the last minute issues that arose. We are planning to remake the show again in the near future.

Now, to get into the heart of the matter, the gags started. A dress rehearsal that was rather atypical and very original…the dancers take their places on the stage, the orchestra and the soloists and the choir performed all of the pieces, along with the director who was adjusting the lights…in short, the stage was divided in three.

But, the first went very well, even with another surprising incident. A light went off suddenly because of a faulty operation of a technician while I was conducting the orchestra. We continued to play in the dark until the light came back on and we finished by improvising a little bit. Playing live always brings the unexpected…

The show was very well licked and that is the most important. We invited the young orphans, and it gave us great pleasure to have so many of them attend the show.

Here are most of the photos from the show:

God bless you


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