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Hi everybody,

For the beginning of september we have some news for you.

The two pianists (Rachel and Gilles) will be in Vienna (Austria) this November for the „festival de piano“. Thank you for your prayer in this matter.
This will give us the occasion to meet the christian japanese organizers who follow us since a few months. Thanks to these organizers we do now have japanese musicians.

Concerning the Opera, which we will build and whom I have already told you, we advance. As it is a lot of work, we would like to know the impact it had in the original country before an audience non christian and christian people who are not used to hear this music. I will meet the composer « Luis » this November.

A month in Ecuador is scheduled in the end of this year to help our musician brothers and sisters. A work with the orchestra, the choir and spending time with the conductor „José David“. We hope to have good moments of exhortation, prayers, and to spend time with our preachers. A good work which will give us strength. Please pray for this.

We will upload some translations in spanish and english of writings from Alfred Kuen concerning the music (as we have the same point of view) for the musicians and singers from foreign countries. A lot of people read them as well as the worshipers and the directors of seminars.

Concerning the fest ‘Protestants en Fête’ in the end of September, we won’t participate but the french musicians are free to participate.

Let us continue to sanctify us and to follow the Lord.

Be blessed


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