Article complet: Can all kinds of music be used for Christian purposes?


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Can all kinds of music be used for Christian purposes?

More specifically: can rock music be used in evangelization and cult?

1. The music offered to God has to be solemn, which means serious, sober and it has to arouse feelings of veneration and respect, glorifying Jesus Christ.

2. All music must be sang as if it were sang in direct presence of God Every group must sing the pieces that he sang when he was on Earth. Some of them raise a positive response of angelic choirs. Some others are ashamed with their heads down. The angels cry. But God probes their hearts and motivations.

3. We can offend the others with our music. (Rm 14, 13, 15) One's music must be adopted to the audience in order to not scandalize the listeners.

4. There is a way that is even more excellent than the controverse way (1Co 12.31)
May the Holy Spirit grant to musicians a new unction to product chants that will glorify him.

Pop music is with no doubt a way of expression which perfectly fits our days, but can it be used to express a message that takes the opposing view? And if this style is utilsed, will the listener understand our words, or the much more intense language of the music to which he is used to give a certain content? Let us remember the Apostle's words: "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them." (Ep 5.11)

It is true that we can come close to God exactly how we are. But that doesn't mean that we should stay how we are (on what concerns our language, our clothing, our social habits and our music.) "If the rhytm arouses in me more physical and sensual movements than the praise of God does in my heart and spirit, then the communication develops itself in a place that is not right."(Bob Larson Hölle auf Erden Baden, Dynamis)

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